[ANN] containers 3.13

Hello, I just released containers 3.13 on opam.

This release is somewhat more breaking than usual:

  • OCaml 4.08 is now the minimum OCaml version.
  • CCShims_ (which was used to provide a shim for Stdlib pre-4.08) is removed
  • containers-thread, which was deprecated, is no more. The recommended alternative is Moonpool.

On OCaml 5.1 and above, tail-rec-mod-cons is used to simplify and accelerate some functions in CCList.

Happy hacking!


Any particular reason why it isn’t used starting 4.14, the current LTS? Just curious, I don’t currently depend on containers (although I do depend on many libraries of yours).

Ha! I was under the mistaken impression it was introduced in 5.1. I
think it’s because it’s in 5.1 that this attribute started being used in
the stdlib. I’ll correct that in the next release, thanks for the
shoutout :slight_smile:

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