[ANN] chartjs: OCaml bindings for Chart.js charting library


I’m pleased to announce chartjs, OCaml bindings for Chart.js charting library and its popular extensions. The library relies on js_of_ocaml bindings for browser API and follows js_of_ocaml guides for binding a JavaScript library.

Line, bar, horizontal bar, pie and doughnut charts are currently supported.
The bindings are not full yet, some chart types and plugins are to be added later.

Installation: opam install chartjs.
Repository: https://github.com/monstasat/chartjs-ocaml
Library usage examples: https://github.com/monstasat/chartjs-ocaml/tree/master/examples
Online documentation and examples: https://monstasat.github.io/chartjs-ocaml

Some auxiliary libraries are available providing bindings for popular Chart.js plugins:

  • chartjs-annotation
  • chartjs-streaming
  • chartjs-datalabels
  • chartjs-colorschemes

These libraries are also available via opam.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.