[ANN] cfgen preview release v1.0.0-alpha.0

I’m happy to announce the first pre-release of cfgen, a library for writing AWS CloudFormation definitions in OCaml and generating working CloudFormation templates.

It is usable in its current form, but still under development. This release is to gather feedback and gauge community interest in its continued development.

Please see the tutorial and documentation to get an understanding of how it works and its current feature set.

You can currently install it directly from git using opam with the tag v1.0.0-alpha.0


This is very cool, thank you! Anything that puts more distance between me and template.yaml is very welcome.

A tangential question: far and away the biggest CF headache for me is ease of resource creation via the AWS console, vs resource creation via a CF template. Resources that take <20 seconds of console work to create tend to require >20 minutes of CF template research, followed by another half hour of iterative bug discovery while failing to deploy.

Are you aware of any tools for automatically generating valid CF template fragments from existing resources? Alternatively, would you consider plugging ocaml-cfgen into the resource importation mechanism? I’ve never once gotten that to work via the console.

Regardless, thanks again for this work!


Resource import is a complex case if you break it down - from my understanding AWS permits importing resources into existing stacks from the console, from where you can view the updated template inline (I don’t usually follow this workflow). I couldn’t say anything along these lines is on my radar.

Cool, thanks for the response. Good to know!