[ANN] Camlp5 version 7.12 release (4.11 compatibility)

Dear OCaml and Camlp5 users,

New release 7.12 of Camlp5. Compatible with all OCaml versions >= 4.00.0, latest OCaml version 4.11+alpha1 included.

This is a compatibility release. The only significant change is that we’re trying to shift the documentation over to ReStructuredText (and Sphinx). You can find that in the source-tree (doc/rst) with instructions for building it, though soon I’ll move over a prebuilt copy to https://camlp5.github.io. Critically, any new syntax changes in ocaml 4.11.0 are not (yet) supported (but read below for that).

Home page, including downloading and documentation at:


N.B. This will probably be the last bugfix release in the 7.xx line; the next release will be for Camlp5 version 8.00, which will have massive changes, among them full support for PPX rewriters (and a companion project with many PPX rewriters implemented using Camlp5). This necessarily means support for all the new syntax thru Ocaml 4.11.0.