[ANN] Bogue, the OCaml GUI

Yeah, but having a dedicated library for beginner that hides this would be useful in my opinion.

Hi @Regis_Smith the new version in opam should fix this issue.
(version 20220115)

It should also work on Mac Retina screens, thanks to the help of @nilsbecker!

EDIT: the doc about Theming is here: Bogue.Theme

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Hi, some new developments. I have implemented a new Sdl_area widget where one can conveniently issue any SDL function (from the SDL Renderer API).

Here is (below) the new ‘labelled graph’ example. In this example I am using regular “label” widgets for creating the nodes, and I am using an Sdl_area for drawing the lines.

The nice things for labels to be regular widgets is that one can click on them. To demonstrate this, in this example they react to a click by jumping to another random location (with animation).


open Bogue
module W = Widget
module L = Layout

let n = 15 (* number of discs *)
let radius = 20
let width = 800
let height = 600

let c = Draw.find_color "#e5b92c"
let cb = Draw.find_color "#7b6b35"
let disc_style = Style.(
    create ~border:(
      mk_border ~radius (mk_line ~color:Draw.(opaque c) ~width:1 ~style:Solid ()))
      ~background:(color_bg Draw.(opaque cb)) ())

let background = L.style_bg Style.(
    of_bg (gradient ~angle:45. Draw.[opaque grey; opaque black]))

let fg = Draw.(opaque white)

let create_disc i (x,y) =
  let w = 2*radius + 1 in
  let bg = Box.create ~style:disc_style ~width:w ~height:w () in
  W.label ~fg (string_of_int i)
  |> L.resident ~background:(L.box_bg bg) ~x:(x-radius) ~y:(y-radius) ~w ~h:w

let move_disc (x,y) d =
  let (x0, y0) = L.xpos d, L.ypos d in
  L.animate_x d (Avar.fromto x0 x);
  L.animate_y d (Avar.fromto y0 y)

let random_center _ =
  radius + Random.int (width - 2*radius),
  radius + Random.int (height - 2*radius)

let area =
  let sdlw = W.sdl_area ~w:width ~h:height () in
  let sdla = W.get_sdl_area sdlw in
  let centers = Array.init n random_center in
  let color = Draw.(opaque grey) in
  let draw_lines renderer = let open Draw in
    for i = 0 to n - 2 do
      let x0, y0 = to_pixels centers.(i) in
      let x1, y1 = to_pixels centers.(i+1) in
      line renderer ~color ~thick:6 ~x0 ~y0 ~x1 ~y1
    done in
  Sdl_area.add sdla draw_lines;
  let discs = Array.mapi create_disc centers |> Array.to_list in
  (* move the disc when click on it *)
  List.iteri (fun i d ->
      W.on_click ~click:(fun _ ->
          centers.(i) <- random_center 0;
          Sdl_area.update sdla;
          let x,y = centers.(i) in
          move_disc (x - radius, y - radius) d) (L.widget d))
  L.superpose ~w:width ~h:height ~background (L.resident sdlw :: discs)

let board = Bogue.make [] [area]

let () = Bogue.run board

Thank you so much, I look forward to implementing this in my current project!
I’ll let you know how it goes

Cool. Is it possible with this API to wait with drawing the new connecting lines to the randomized label until the animation has finished?

Yes, it is possible, because Avar.fromto has an ending parameter.
You would simply have to replace the line containing L.animate_x by

 L.animate_x d (Avar.fromto x0 x ~ending:(fun () ->
      Sdl_area.update sdla;
      Update.push sdlw));

add sdla and sdlw as parameters to the move_disc function (in fact only sdlw is necessary), and remove the line with Sdl_area.update sdla below.


I’m just starting to use Bogue in a game I’m making, and I was wondering it if was possible to send data from a game to another ml file?
I have variables representing the “last clicked coordinates” and when I reference them in another file, their values don’t update until the Bogue window is closed.
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi! I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you want to save data in a config file for keeping them after the player quits the game, and read them back when she starts again,

or do you want to dynamically use your data (the “last clicked coordinates”) in some other function while the game is running?