An awesome OCaml splashscreen

Dear OCaml community,

It occurred to me that while I was waiting for a new opam install, or
a rebuild of all my switches, or a rebuild of the compiler and the
hundreds of OCaml libraries there was little to no visual indication
of the time remaining, or a cue of when the process is over, so that I
can rush back from the coffee machine.

I have taken upon myself to write a splash-screen, inspired from one
of the most pervasive technology ever, and the battle-tested,
future-proof, safety-first, Graphics library. It also has some
industry-strength facts about our favourite programming language.

I hope to include this awesome splash screen wherever you’re not busy
waiting for the task at hand.

Soon available as an embeddable library and tea mugs.


This is the kind of marketing the language needs!


Are those facts true?
What is the source?

the release date matters :wink:

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