Algorithmics with OCaml open-document book (17 chapters) on CryptDrive

now 4 chapters have to be written or completed.

You can navigate the book using LibreOffice bookmarks. The book fonts are Liberation only.
The whole OCaml and Coq source code is available (read only).
Add your own comments and modifications to the LibreOffice document.
Then your suggested changes will eventually (if approved) augment the next version.

My plan is to offer the (first complete version of the) book to the OCaml Software Foundation.


Ah! You have an Expression Problem chapter near the end!
BTW, congratulations, the book looks interesting!
I also want to write a curious book about OCaml, it would have an Expression Problem chapter.
Chapter 11 the Expression Problem (I wrote the slides in 2012-2013.)

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@lukstafi Thanks for all the lecture material :camel:

A of int * string is a different variant than A of (int * string)

Although i made many things right, there are tons of things like this little one that i missed.
OCaml is tricky, one day someone told me he doesn’t understand
type 'a node = One of 'a | Many of 'a node list
The problem was he believed this is the same type as :
type 'a node = One of 'a | Many of 'a (node list)