Ahrefs is Hiring


As always here at Ahrefs we’re on the lookout for OCaml devs.

We are headquartered in Singapore but our team is dotted all over the place so we’re open to remote too.

Check out our posting here

Feel free to reach out for more info.


To try to give some context as the job post on the website is pretty dry

In addition to all the ocaml we use internally for our crawler and data processing, ahrefs is heavily invested in Melange to compile ocaml to javascript. With it the company is also putting resources to maintain the projects related to reasonml. Some recent posts from @jchavarri and @davesnx:

A bunch of commonly used tools and libraries that you probably have heard about are maintained by ahrefs or with the help of ahrefs

There’s more at Ahrefs · GitHub

When not maintaining we try to contribute. One example is ocaml-lsp

We are also sponsoring projects:


And last but not least the OCaml Software Foundation https://ocaml-sf.org/