Adopting the OCaml Code of Conduct

Hello everyone!

The OCaml Community Code of Conduct is hosted at GitHub - ocaml/code-of-conduct: Documents related to the Code of Conduct. The code of conduct applies to the spaces listed in the document, namely the GitHub ocaml organization, the forum, the mailing list, OCaml IRC, OCaml discord, physical events like OCaml Workshop.

In addition to this, OCaml open source projects and OCaml community spaces are welcome to adopt this Code of Conduct. When you adopt this code of conduct for your project, you can add your project to the list of adopters.

You are requested to add your contact details for reporting violations, and/or you may also add the Code of Conduct team’s contact details for reporting violations if you wish. Some recommendations to add the Code of Conduct to your projects here.

Happy inclusive camling!


Let’s use this thread to track progress of the various projects adopting this Code of Conduct. So far, it has been adopted by the following projects:

GitHub has a nice icon to indicate it -