Adjusting Timedesc's tzdb range: any thoughts?

Hello everyone,

@glennsl and I are thinking about adjusting the time zone database to be included in Timedesc from “1850 to 2100” to “1990 to 2040”. This will impact anyone who uses the default tzdb backend (tzdb.full), including Timere users (if any exists…)

I’m mostly curious if this impacts any (potential) users at all - our impression is that it won’t.

This is part of the effort of shrinking down space usage of tzdb. We have just swapped to a custom compression scheme (proposed by @glennsl here) which already shrinks the space used for tzdb by roughly 82%. This year range reduction will further cut that by roughly half (if my memory serves).



I use Timedesc to deal with dates of meetings (seminars) with people “these days”, so I guess my requirements are “a couple of years around now”. 1990 to 2040 sounds good enough.

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