Add monthly "ask anything" running discussion

A long time ago, haskell reddit started creating a monthly “hask anything” thread which allowed for smaller questions that people might hesitate to create a new post for. I really like that thread and would like to see something similar in this ocaml forum. something like “ask anything (October 2020)”, “ask anything (November 2020)”. Note the topic is pinned on reddit so it’s easy for newcomers to find


Hello. You make me think about places such as the OCaml Discord server, which are perfectly suitable for the kind of use case you are mentioning. This is only my honest opinion and the rest of the community might consider me wrong, but I usually see this forum as a way to post longer messages, with some code and more detailed questions, rather than an instant messaging / short Q&A tool.

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Agree, this is mostly an attempt to reduce any shyness for people who may not already be on discord. I would start the thread with “don’t hesitate to use #beginners or #general in discord or post an additional question here” .

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In reflecting more, then maybe a pinned topic that highlights all the places newcomers can ask questions about ocaml, and prominently link to Discord there. Scrap the “ask anything” suggestion

In a similar vein, can flesh out the about section of this forum to provide a list of the most used community links

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