About the Ecosystem category

This category exists to discuss the OCaml ecosystem, such as build tools, testing frameworks, editor integrations, packaging systems and so on. If you have a query about any aspect of how to use OCaml in a practical setting, this is the topic for you!

A comprehensive collection of links to useful libraries is available in awesome-ocaml maintained by @rizo. Please also see the Ecosystem entry in the work-in-progress FAQ on this site.

Some useful tags that cover common topics in this category are listed below:

  • build - how to build your projects
    • jbuilder - the jbuilder build tool (soon to be called dune)
  • opam - how to distribute your projects using the opam.ocaml.org site and tool.
  • merlin - the editor integration tool
  • ppx - the preprocessor mechanism for extension points in source code

This awesome-ocaml page should really be easily accessible from ocaml.org. The sorted (by subject) list of packages could really be useful.