About plugins and ppx_deriving

I’m linking a ppx_deriving plugin using the command

ocamlfind ocamlopt -shared -linkall -package ppx_tools_versioned,ppx_tools_versioned.metaquot_405,ppx_deriving.api,ppx_tools_versioned -package 'ocaml-migrate-parsetree ocaml-migrate-parsetree ppx_tools_versioned.metaquot_405' -I ppx ppx/ppx_deriving_gt.cmxa -o ppx/ppx_deriving_gt.cmxs

but I’m unable to use it where I want because the
Error: Cannot load /home/kakadu/.opam/4.05.0+flambda/lib/GT/./ppx_deriving_gt.cmxs: error loading shared library: /home/kakadu/.opam/4.05.0+flambda/lib/GT/./ppx_deriving_gt.cmxs: undefined symbol: camlAst_convenience_405__lid_inner_176

I’m not really sure what is this inner function: lid function seems not to have it.

Can somebody decrypt the error message, or, even better, propose a fix?


After some researching this problem has been replaced by another. I don’t longer need an answer.