Working on an app to learn and execute OCaml on iPhone/iPad/Mac for beginners

I started to work on a new project recently:
My goal is to provide an iOS app for beginners to learn OCaml and practice on their device.
I think it is a good idea to get started easily.

Here are some screenshots of what I’ve done so far:

I’m open to feedback and opinion about this project idea

Edit: it is available for download here


You may find it interesting to look at a similar project for F#/C#. It allows interfacing with native iOS libraries and creating UI components.

I made it available for pre order on the App Store - I will keep improving it with time, and I think it can be a great tool for beginners

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This is really cool. I just want to point out that your app is the sole search result for ‘OCaml’ in the App Store. So that’s a first :slight_smile:

Incidentally, there is an ‘OCaml Toplevel’ app on the Android Play Store:

Your app looks more sophisticated though. Hopefully one day we have something like Swift Playgrounds and people can start learning OCaml interactively on their devices directly.

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Yes my goal is to get an app close to the apple swift playground one. I will keep improving it with time, as I work on my free time in a non profit organization (and for that reason the app will stay free forever)


Awesome work! I’ve preordered :slight_smile:

May I suggest removing the verbiage: “OCaml is not an easy language to get started with…”?

IMO: This isn’t particularly true (less so all the time), and even if it were, these kinds of warnings don’t help learners learn. They tend to scare off some people and attract others who want to learn “hard things” (who will tend to want to perpetuate the hardness, because that’s what they’re into).

Instead I’d just emphasize how dope OCaml is and how your app helps learn it more easily.