Which editor/IDE do you use when developing OCaml projects?

It looks indeed like we finally have something easy to access and featureful that we can advise to beginners with vscode ! That’s good news.
It doesn’t seem like much setup is needed, but I’ll add support in opam-user-setup if anything is needed.


Can you provide the configuration for vim + syntastic + merlin? I disabled syntastic because it was really slow and I think it badly interacts with merlin, at least out of the box.

Syntastic and Merlin worked for me out-of-the-box. However, I’ve recently switched from Syntastic to ALE, because of its bad performance with Python. ALE makes use of Vim8’s async feature and works on Neovim as well. But I’ve changed its defaults to only run, when I switch modes or save a file. By default it runs every couple of milliseconds when typing. Here is an excerpt from my vimrc with the relevant OCaml parts.

I’m also using the usual tooling like Merlin, ocp-indent, rgrinberg/vim-ocaml, supertab and tabular.


Thanks, I’m going to have a look to ALE.

Thank you so much for mentioning ALE! It’s phenomenal. I cannot stress enough how much better it feels than using Syntastic on Vim.

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If avsm is using vanilla vim, I don’t feel so wierd. (I like syntax coloring, and auto-indentation (not very good in my setup), but that’s all.)


Don’t worry, I use nano. With syntax coloring and a custom nanorc, though. No auto-indentation. It does show me trailing whitespace, at least.

When I need to add a tab to a fresh Makefile, I do echo "\t" >> Makefile. After that, I cut-insert lines around to get more tabs.