v3.OCaml.org: A roadmap for OCaml's online presence

I guess everyone has it’s own notion of reliable but it does sometimes stop updating altogether (and that’s only the latest occurence).

If you have some funds to invest, get in touch :wink:

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Thanks for your work on this.

So that page uses various external resources: fonts, javascript, … – which allows these external partners to track (log analysis, cookies) clients.

For me, the most useful item on opam - Packages are the reverse dependencies – are there plans to add them to v3.ocaml.org/packages as well? That’d be highly appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback @hannes :))

That sounds like a good point. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for helping to improve this beyond minimising the dependencies? Perhaps an issue on v3 would be a better place to discuss that?

Yes! It’s on my todo list :))

This is an interesting point. So, two things:

  • These externally-loaded fonts can of course be made internally hosted, and the issue goes away
  • I checked and the page right now has no cookies (zero)

So, if you’ll forgive the pun, that tracks with what avsm said :slight_smile:


:raised_hand: send me some details of where I can get access to the originals too. I also want to try fixing the audio levels to remove the background noise, the older recordings are difficult to watch because of that.


There is a PR to add leaflet, which will make some runtime fetches for tiles, but at least the tiles won’t be coming from Google Maps.

There aren’t any widgets embedding Twitter, Facebook, or other feeds, so I can’t think of any other javascript issues at the moment.

Wow the new website is AMAZING :star_struck:. Fantastic work by the team. Especially the integrated docs. They look way better than before, and secondly what an amazing effort to have all the docs in one place!