Uri 1.9.6 available: with improved ARM support and build times

Uri 1.9.6 has just been released, which greatly improves life for those of you running on ARM-based systems.

There is an extra module included in Uri that bundles the contents of /etc/services into an OCaml module, so that you can perform service->port lookups from network servers. Previously, this resulted in an enormous OCaml pattern match for the full contents of /etc/services.

This in turn uncovered a bug in ARM code generation, which meant that anything involving Uris failed to work due to a dependency failure. @gasche put in a different strategy for code generation which means that build times are faster for everyone.

Enjoy! If anyone wishes to contribute to the Uri library, we are looking for a rewrite using Angstrom to avoid the use of regular expressions for parsing. Get in touch if so…

Could this not be also implemented using a scanner generator? This way all regexp would would be generated at compile time