Talk about declarative rhythm-machines with `Fry` and FRP @ Copenhagen

I’m happy to announce that I’m doing a talk on Fry at meetup for functional copenhageners @ 24. october. Fry is a small library that enables declarative definitions of rhythm-machines etc. together with FRP (React). These can be interactive, generative, experimental - what ever you fancy. Recently I’ve used it for a polyrhythmic machine (pmmd) based on bpm-modulation, that I’m planning on releasing as modular synthesizer hardware.

A couple of concepts from Fry that are interesting, which you can see from its examples:

Also, OCaml with first class modules + module functors + FRP, map elegantly to the semantics of modular synthesizers. Simply:

  • a unit event maps to a control-voltage (CV) trigger
  • a float signal maps to CV
  • a module functor maps to a modular synth module taking CV-in, exposing CV-out

If you are near Copenhagen - hope to see you (: