Survey on the new "Getting Started" Documentation on

Hello everyone,

we’ve prepared a survey to capture some anonymous feedback on the new documentation in the “Getting Started” section on

I’d be stoked if you could help us by reviewing the new pages and completing the survey, no matter if you’re a newcomer to OCaml or not.

We’re conducting this survey to understand if and what we need to change going forward, so that, in the end, we have documentation that works for newcomers with varying backgrounds on We’re doing this in a non-public survey, so that everyone can speak their mind freely without being judged. A summary of points brought up will be posted at latest by Nov 30 as a response to this post.

If you’re interested in contributing to the documentation, or having a call with us, there’s a question at the very end of the survey where you can leave your Email so we can reach out to you.

Thanks for participating! Let’s make the OCaml documentation awesome! :fire:


A few remarks on the section.

  • If MacPorts is a more recommended way than homebrew, than MacPorts should be listed before.
  • After installation via opam init -y is not really obvious which compiler will be used. I think, that if system-wide installation is present, it should be connected via default switch.
    I believe that in many cases there is a recommendation about compiler version to use. Because of that in my manuals for students I specify expicitly recommended compier’s version. I beelive something like this should be mentioned in the intro.
    opam init --bare
    opam update
    opam switch create SWITCHNAME --yes \
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The link for " A Tour of OCaml" in the survey is wrong and 404’s and should be A Tour of OCaml · OCaml Tutorials

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Thank you, “Tour of OCaml” link is fixed.