Shape with us the New Community Area!

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out to request a few minutes of your time to review the wireframe for the OCaml community area. Following user interviews with those unfamiliar with OCaml, we gathered insights on what would be helpful for you landing on the community page.

As a result, we’re restructuring aspects of the pages and content on the landing page. This is a wireframe, so the focus is on checking the navigation, layout, and content, not the User Interface (UI).

Your feedback are needed at this stage, and please feel free to leave comments directly on Figma, via email, or let’s schedule a quick call. Thank you for participating in this review. Have a great day and week ahead.


Page: “Wireframe”



UX/UI OCaml Designer


I really like the Kotlin website. They spent quite a lot of resources on look-and-feel of the website, and I think that some inspiration can be taken from prior art:

Thus being said, I find these new OCaml wireframes amazing and extremely professional! :fire:
I rarely see websites for programming languages with such a high quality, and I can’t think of any improvement.

Awesome work!


Hi chshersh, I completely agree with you! Kotlin truly stands out with its elegant and clear design. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it! Also, I appreciate your support.

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All the web pages look well designed and elegant. Call to actions are done perfectly :pinched_fingers:.