Setting up AppVeyor and Travis for your own OCaml fork

We’re at the beginning of the 4.06.0 release cycle and one of the fun things which always happens at this stage is that Travis and AppVeyor get overloaded verifying all the hard work that our contributors and core devs are doing.

We just today tweaked the way AppVeyor is configured which now makes it really easy to set-up Travis and AppVeyor on your own GitHub account to build your OCaml topic branches before you make your pull request to the main repository. This is mutually beneficial, as the build queue for OCaml is reduced but you also get confirmation of build success more quickly. Even during the review process for an opened pull request, your personal AppVeyor and Travis builds will be useful, as they’ll probably build more quickly than the queues monitoring ocaml/ocaml.

I’ve put a post together talking through the easy process of setting this all up.


This should really be pinned somewhere, perhaps in the repo’s README itself.

If it seems to be being used successfully, we’ll update our contribution guidelines, yes.

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