Scikit-learn for OCaml

Ronan Lehy just hacked this:

This might interest a significant number of people out there.
We are no more condemned to live in a world full of snakes
that will bite us at run-time. :smiley:


So I came here to announce ocaml-sklearn as it just got published on Opam, but I see @UnixJunkie did it for me (arigato gozai masu). Anyway:

  • this ambitions to cover the complete scikit-learn API
  • this ambition is currently not totally realized, but I wanted to release something initial that one can play with
  • it’s all @UnixJunkie’s fault with his funny R wrappers.



I will give it a try for sure.
Usually, I use:
SVM, linear SVM, RF, GBT, logistic regression.
I do both classification more often, but also regression sometimes.

Probably worth to add here: