Patoline: an advanced typesetting system written in OCaml


Just recently, the Patoline project ( seems to have regained activity. Since I’m very interested in it I’m writing this post so that others may learn about its existence.

From my experience of writing a mid-sized document (internship report) with Patoline, the tool is very nice to use (especially for OCaml programmers) and very promising! However, it suffers from a few shortcomings typical of free software projects: lack of advanced documentation, and obligation for the user to learn about the software’s internals when they want to customize their rendering in unusual ways.

I hope to find some time to contribute to Patoline this year!


Very interesting. It is not compatible with latex, right? It’s quite amusing that we have two typesetting systems written in OCaml now. Although they would not gain any popularity til they could use latex packages.

No, it’s not compatible with LaTeX. I don’t know what it would take to make a bridge.

Is Melt the other typesetter you’re referring to?

Nope, I meant this

It would be really greate to have a latex compatible typesetting system with a sane typesetting language. Latex is literally a nightmare.


There is also ant.

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Seems like the website is down. Are the maintainers aware?

They should be: