Outreachy summer '22 closing commemoration session on 23rd Sept


I, along with Jay, were the two Outreachy interns working with the OCaml :camel: community this summer. I worked on Multicore Applications and Jay on TopoJSON. Our internship, of course, was only made possible because @sudha and @patricoferris generously volunteered to mentor us–as our respective mentors–throughout the summer. We are grateful to the both of them :heart:.

Our three-month long Outreachy internship just ended relatively recently and, personally, I have really enjoyed working on my project and learning OCaml. So much so that Jay and I would like to share our experiences with the rest of the community. :sparkles:

To carry forward a tradition established by the previous Outreachy cohort, we will host a virtual session that will consist of two short presentations from the both of us followed by a Q&A. The session will be on Friday 23rd September 2-3pm CEST.

It is open to whoever wishes to join. A recording will be shared later online as well.

We hope you will join us! :raised_hands:

Edit: Changed timezone from CET to CEST


I suppose you mean CEST i.e. 2022-09-23T14:00:00+02:00/PT1H

Yes I do. Thank you for pointing it out.

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Here’s the meeting link for the session: meet.google.com/wpp-eqca-eze.

Thank you to everyone that could make it to the presentation today. The presentation is now live: Outreachy Presentations for the May 2022 Round - Watch OCaml :camel:

In particular a massive congratulations and thank you to @moazzammoriani and @IIITM-Jay. Thank you also to @sudha for being the driving force behind making the presentation happen again this round! See you all for the next round!

Aside: if anybody has any issues with the live video please do reach out here either publicly or privately, we gave prior warning of our intentions to record and put the video on watch.ocaml.org, but I appreciate some people joined a little later/might have some reservations etc.


Hi @moazzammoriani & @IIITM-Jay . Thank you for sharing!

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Due to some reshuffling on watch.ocaml.org, the posted link is no longer valid and the video is now available here: Outreachy Presentations for the May 2022 Round - Watch OCaml