OUPS meetups are back!


We (@Vertmo, @lsylvestre, @colin.g and myself) are happy to announce that the OUPS (OCaml Users in PariS) meetups are back.

If you’re not familiar with OUPS, the idea is to have people using OCaml (developers, applications’ users, researchers, …) to meet in Paris where a talk is given, followed by some discussions while eating pizza and drinking beer.

We’re planning to have the first meetup happening this year in December.

Thus we’re looking for speakers willing to give a talk for the first meetups or the following ones.

The talks usually happen at IRILL’s offices, 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris. We’ll prefer talks in french and with someone able to be physically present, but we’re open about english and remote talks.

If you want to give a talk in December or in the future, you can let us know here or on zulip where we plan to have our main discussions. We also have a group on Framagit where we’ll store some stuff. If you don’t like Zulip, I’m also on IRC (#oups in libera.chat) and matrix but not everyone is.

The four of us are doing a PhD in the following places: ENS (Parkas team), Université de Paris (Irif) + Nomadic Labs, Université Paris-Saclay (LMF) + OCamlPro, Sorbonne Université (APR team - LIP6) ; so we have a good coverage of the OCaml users in Paris but we don’t know everyone. Even if you don’t want to give a talk, if you know someone that may be interested, please talk to him about OUPS ! :slight_smile:

Also, if there’s a subject you’d like to hear about at OUPS, you can tell us and we’ll try to find a speaker to give a talk about it.

We’ll come back to you very quickly about the December meetup.



That is awesome that you are pushing open source all the way through with zulip and framagit! Mobilizon might be useful for the calendar.

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With the even happening at IRILL, it would be strange for us not use open source tools. :smiley: I have a personal mobilizon instance and I’ll cross-post the event there but it’ll mainly be posted on meetup.com.

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cheers to the friends at framasoft!