Open source editor for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

Hi Nathan!
Well done :clap::clap::clap:!

I don’t have an iPhone, so I can’t test it out, but could you please detail (here and on the README on GitHub and maybe the page on the Apple store) if the app can be used offline or not?!
Calling it an “editor” without giving precise details about this key point could be misleading: for instance, a front-end to the website could be called an editor, but it needs constant Internet access to run the code, and thus it does not allow to work and code offline and independently of a remote server.

Could you please detail this aspect? Thanks in advance!

  • For instance for Android, the only available app which works offline is 10-year-old, but still works fine as the OCaml code is interpreted locally:
  • Similarly, I worked last month on the web app, now it can be installed as a “progressive web app”, on desktop with Chrome, or mobile with Firefox or Chrome. Thus it can then be used offline from the cache! As the OCaml code is interpreted in javascript in the browser, client-side.

If your app is usable offline, it’s great news for all the Apple exploited users, students and people who want to learn and use OCaml, without needing an active Internet connection and a trusted and online remote server.
I will add it to my list of apps for CPGE students in France:

Thanks in advance! – @Naereen