Official Twitter account

As many of you know there is an official Twitter account -

But it is not very active, looking more like a bot account. And the logo is not the best one. Maybe it worth to revive the thing? See as an example of better official accounts -,

With the recent modernization of the site looks, documentation (latest odoc theme), etc, it makes sense to care about Twitter as well. Plus put the link to it from


I think these kinds of things tend to be done much better at the grass-roots level than at an organizational level. I’d therefore suggest pooling a group of people who are interested in updating an unofficial twitter account (assuming such a group can be found), to which they all have access. This way, the task isn’t relegated to someone on a team where there’s already too much work to do.

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Yes, I believe this is exactly like other languages’ accounts operate.

I guess you should just ask the people running “OCamlLang” account, but I don’t know who they are.

Anyone know who runs the account? (Yes, I know, not the people above who have said they don’t know.)