OCaml meetup in SF on Tuesday 3/26

Hey all! We’re hosting an OCaml/ReasonML meetup in SF on Tuesday night (3/26) at 6:30PM. We’ll have food, drinks, and some really interesting talks:

Ben — Shipping a mobile game in ReasonML is not as hard as one might think. This talk will go over our demo-driven approach to developing this game, the small technical difficulties one might encounter and the tough non-technical ones.

Nathan — GADTs (or Generalized Algebraic Data Types) may sound scary at first, but they can be an approachable and useful programming tool, especially for designing good APIs. In this talk, we will go over some examples of how GADTs can be applied to make neater, easier to use programming interfaces.

We’ll also have plenty of time to chat, eat, and hang out. People of all backgrounds / skill levels are welcome, please just RSVP below so we know how much food to get!