OCaml compiler development newsletter, issue 1: before May 2021

For some reason @octachron’s contribution to the newsletter got lost in my pipeline. So below it is.

@octachron (Florian Angeletti)

  • With Sébastien, David, and Gabriel’s help, I have finally merged the
    change needed to integrate odoc in our documentation pipeline.
    Currently, this is hidden behind a configuration switch (or specific
    Makefile’s target).
    The user experience is still a bit rough, in particular it requires an
    trunk-updated version of odoc. Fortunately,
    the number of users right now is most probably of only one. My current
    plan is to see how well the maintenance goes during this release cycle
    before maybe switching to odoc for the 4.13.0 version of the manual.

  • I have been discussing with David about how much time and effort we
    should spend on testing the manual. (My opinion is that testing only the
    PR that alters the manual’s source file is essentially fine.) David has
    been testing more thorough configuration however but that requires some
    more tuning to avoid sending scary emails to innocent passersby.