New (significant) version of Tablecloth

I’ve just released a new version of tablecloth - an easy-to-use, comprehensive standard library that has the same API on all OCaml/ReasonML/Bucklescript platforms.

0.0.6 is a pretty significant step forward, bringing a ton of documentation, new Array, Char, and Tuple3 modules, a lot of tests, and a ton of new functions in the List, Tuple2, Result, Option, and String modules. All of these are implemented on top of Jane Street Base in the tablecloth-native version, and Belt in the tablecloth-bucklescript version.

It also fixes installation of the opam tablecloth-native package, which prevented native OCaml users from using it with Dune.

This release was almost entirely due to three amazing contributors: thanks a million to Dean Merchant, J David Eisenberg, and Johannes Hoffmann.

See the full changelog.