New release: ProVerif 2.03

Vincent and I are pleased to announce a new release of ProVerif, version 2.03.
ProVerif is a automatic security protocol verifier that relies on the symbolic model of cryptography.

ProVerif is available at
It is also available via opam (see installation instructions
in Section 1.4 of the manual )

This release contains many important changes since version 2.01 (version
2.02 was not announced here because of a pending anonymous
submission), mainly implemented by Vincent:

  • Change of license for Windows binaries: Windows binaries are now
    distributed under GPL, like the source (because ProVerif now
    integrates a modified version of an OCaml module under LGPL). If this
    change of license prevents you from using ProVerif, please email me.

  • Major speedups for large examples.

  • Several extensions, including temporal variables in correspondence queries
    (see Section 4.3.1 of the manual, paragraph “Temporal correspondences”).

  • Bug fixes.


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