New release: ProVerif 1.97pl3

I am pleased to announce a new release of ProVerif, version 1.97pl3.
ProVerif is a automatic security protocol verifier that relies on the symbolic model of cryptography.

ProVerif is available at
It is also available via opam. If you use opam, you can install it by:
opam install proverif
(You may need to do “opam update” before, to get the latest version.)
This release is mainly a bug fix release.

Recent changes:

Version 1.97pl3

  • Modified the code so that it is compatible with OCaml 4.06

Version 1.97pl2

  • Fixed bug that could cause an internal error in trace reconstruction,
    when a message was received of a type different from the one expected
    by the input.
  • Fixed bug that happened when “sync” was under a process macro.
    It could lead to unbound variables, causing an internal error.


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