Monday, 6th March - Outreachy Intern Presentation (Dec '22 Round)

My name is Prisca Chidimma and I wish to invite you all to a short presentation on my Outreachy internship experience working with the OCaml Community!

My internship with OCaml is coming to an end after three months. I’m thrilled to share my experience with you and discuss the project I worked on, which was to implement a non-blocking streaming codec for Topojson.

During my internship, I had the privilege of working with an exceptional mentor, @patricoferris , who made my time at OCaml even more enjoyable. In this presentation, I’ll be sharing insights on what it was like to work on the project, as well as my experiences from the internship

The date is March 6th, 2023 at 14h00 CET. This presentation is open to anyone and everyone.

@patricoferris will post a link to the video meeting closer to the event. A recording will also be available for those not able to join.

I hope to see you there, thank you!


The meeting link: (a reminder that the call will be recorded and uploaded to

I’m very sorry I’ll miss this as I’ll be lecturing, but I’m most looking forward to watching the recording later. Thanks for taking the time to follow up on your internship work, @Prisca!

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It’s no problem @avsm. Thank you!

The presentation is now online: Outreachy Presentations for the December 2022 Round - Watch OCaml

Thank you @Prisca for the talk and everybody for joining live. We took this opportunity to reupload everything to the OCaml Outreachy channel under the bactrian user: Outreachy - Watch OCaml


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I really enjoyed watching this talk @Prisca, and some quick suggestions:

Really nice work, again – I look forward to using TopoJSON in the future.

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The generation of the documentation for the package failed, we’re looking into it, thanks for the report!
Note that the logs for documentation pipeline are available at, it’s not extremely useful in this case (the error is a Docker timeout), but it can be helpful to package authors if they need to debug why their documentation doesn’t show up on


@avsm Thank you very much for the kind words. I just did. This is the link

Thank you for pointing that out as well. @patrickferris and I will correct it.


The documentation for TopoJSON is now available:, sorry for the disruption and thank you @sabine for fixing it!