Looking for "lovely, idiomatic" examples of Ocaml used for shell-scripting in the manner of Perl/Python (but esp. Perl)

To the extent this is about shells, maybe some would be interested to look into “es”, which I think may be the closest anyone has come to a Functional Programming shell. It’s been decades since anyone worked on it, I suppose, but still works. Lexical scope, partial application, etc., with a usable syntax for interactive use and normal shell scripts (i.e., not like Lisp.)

I really like this design. Been turning a similiar idea over in my head for a while, and this is a very nice realization of the concept. If you ever want to hack on something like this I’d be happy to contribute!

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I’m unlikely to work on this anytime soon due to other priorities but I’d use the tool if it’s solid! I must say the bar is high. Perhaps making such a tool for a more mainstream language than OCaml would be more rewarding.