Liquidsoap 2.1.4 and rolling release 2.2.x are out!

Hi all!

Liquidsoap 2.1.4 is out: Release Liquidsoap 2.1.4 · savonet/liquidsoap · GitHub ! :tada:

Liquidsoap Rolling Release 2.2.x is now available: Release Liquidsoap Rolling Release 2.2.x · savonet/liquidsoap · GitHub ! :tada:

The 2.1.4 release contains important bug fixes, including a last-minute memory issue with http requests and queries that was introduced in 2.1.3. All users are encouraged to migrate to it but make sure to use a staging environment before pushing to production just in case! Full changelog is here

Next, we would like to shift our focus to the 2.2.x release cycle. We are done with the changes there and will now focus on fixing issues there. We do encourage new projects to start with it and users to report issues. We will prioritize these issues over other ones.

The 2.2.x release contains some exciting changes, in particular a switch to dune as the build system and a new support for multitrack decoder/demuxing/muxing/encoding. You can read more about it here. Full changelog is here.