Library for GUI?



As @thangngoc89 said, nothing prevent you doing that from architecture point of view. I tried some demos where GUI in QtQml and OCaml are separated to different threads, they are able to communicate. To be more precise you can implement any concurrency API in any language and expose it to Qt/QML side as your functions.
But for simple things the XMLHttpRequest is built in.


The more I think about Revery, the more I like it. What’s a good path for an OCaml programmer to get started on this?


I’m pretty excited by it, too. I haven’t been able to get it building on my Mac so far, not sure why. One problem I’ve had is that currently you need to use esy to build, not just opam.

Maybe it would be good to have a new thread for Revery so it doesn’t get buried in a general GUI thread?


Currently, esy is a requirement because the libraries to built it wasn’t published anywhere (not npm, not opam)