[job] Open Source tooling engineer at Jane Street

We’re looking to hire someone to join our build-systems team with a focus on open-source tooling. We currently release almost a million lines of code of our internal libraries and tools, including things like Sexplib, Base, Core, Async, Incremental, Bonsai, Hardcaml, memtrace-viewer, and patdiff.

We have internal tooling for moving code from our internal repositories to Github and for publishing to opam, and for ferrying information back from Github to our internal tools, so that developers can more easily and promptly respond to PRs and issues coming from the outside.

We want to make open-sourcing our code better and faster, so it’s easier for us to work with outside contributors, and improvements can get out to the community more quickly. Your work would be to make our releases delightfully easy and reliable!

I wrote a bit more about it here:

If you’re interested, go ahead and make an ordinary application to our software engineering role, and mention that you’re interested in “open-source tooling”. We’re happy to hire for this role in both London and New York.