[Job] Ocaml developer at Routine, Paris

Routine (https://routine.co ) is once more looking for OCaml developers.

Routine is a personal productivity assistant and knowledge manager. The technological stack revolves heavily around OCaml which represents 80% of the codebase, both client and server side. The remaining 20% are the UIs in various frontend framework:

  • Browser and desktop (Linux/Macos/Windows) through electron, using Js_of_ocaml (eyeing on WASM).
  • iOS via Swift bindings.
  • Android via JVM bindings (upcoming).

Our technological and academic background leads us to use designs that, I think, can pique the interest of seasoned Ocaml developer. Amongst other things :

  • Type-driven programming based on ppx derivers that produces typescript declaration for frontend bindings, JSON schema to expose and consume external REST APIs (Google, Notion, …), automatic SQL bindings, etc.
  • Automatic API and foreign binding generation for the different front end technology, cross compilation.
  • Incremental based state updates to refresh minimal subsets of the app.
  • Integrated graph query language to query and manipulate all the app data, including defining custom data types and workflows.
  • Highly concurrent implementation through Lwt and Eio - migrating to the later as we go. Exception-free design. OCaml 5 with all the goodies.
  • Angstrom based parsing for the interactive console with highlighting and completion.
  • Everything is very much library-oriented, with loads of reusable and scaffolded packages. Most of the work is intended to be open sources, or already has been published.
  • An obsession for compile-time checks and type safety.

We use state of the art CI/CD and development processes. Salary is up to market standard depending on the profile, plus usual options package, to be discussed. We have a preference for presential work in our Paris 11th office (Charonne, 3 days a week) to help foster team spirit but we won’t pass on talented remote individuals.

We’re looking to extend the team with talented and passionate engineers who see the global picture and will work through all layers of the project to see it succeed and create something we’re proud of. While we expect great OCaml and general computer science proficiency, we’re open to most levels of experience. Thoroughness and a love for well rounded, robust and beautiful software design is a must have - but that comes bundled with OCaml love, right ?

Do not hesitate to reach out for any question here, at quentin.hocquet@routine.co or refer this to someone who may be interested.

Thanks for your time and happy hacking !