[job | fulltime / internship | Paris] LexiFi is hiring!

Hello everyone,

:loudspeaker: LexiFi is hiring!

:heavy_check_mark: Software Engineer (full-time): Software Engineer | LexiFi

:heavy_check_mark: Software Development Internship: Software Development Internship | LexiFi

LexiFi is a software editor, based in Paris. We have been happily using OCaml :dromedary_camel: for more than 20 years in our entire software stack, from backend components to UI (web & native) front-end, and we contribute back to the OCaml community (check out our blog post : LexiFi's open-source contributions | LexiFi)

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you want to learn more about the positions before applying!


Hello, is remote option possible?

Yes, remote is possible!