[Job] Data engineer position at Elastic, US/Canada/Western Europe (proximate to NA timezones)

Our team here at Elastic has a position open for a security data engineer (aka wrangler of data and all the systems involved). We are a distributed company so you don’t have to be close to an office to be considered. Infosec industry experience is not required, though of course welcome. We’re surrounded by experts in the field so you’ll have lots of opportunities to learn as you go!

The official posting is available here:

Language-wise, OCaml makes up most of the code you’ll be working on. Python makes up most of the rest, in particular taking advantage of the machine learning and natural language processing goodies that ecosystem provides. Most of the tools and service we develop are internally focused, supporting security research and improvements to security protections for our users. For those so-inclined, there are lots of opportunities to present at and attend conferences, present work in blog posts, contribute to open source software projects and otherwise engage the community.

The position is very similar to our last hiring announcement, though we had a different name at that point!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m available on the OCaml or Reason Discord servers or by email at hezekiah.carty@elastic.co.

(edited to reflect one filled position and correct the posting link)