[Job] Applied PL research at Jane Street

This isn’t exactly news, but we’re (still) actively looking to hire people to do applied PL research, with a particular focus on type-level work. Follow this link if you want to see how to apply.

Please share it around with anyone who you think might be on the market!

About the job

Part of our ambition is to grow OCaml into a language that does an ever better job of being convenient and expressive by default, while allowing for the kind of precise control you need when building high performance systems, where it’s needed.

That’s led us to do research on stack-allocation, unboxed types, algebraic effects, type-level resource tracking, and more. We think it’s an exciting direction for the language, and there’s a lot of challenging and novel work to be done, and the main thing that could speed us up is having more of the right people to work on it!

Jane Street is an excellent laboratory for this kind of work: big enough to have serious and demanding use-cases, but small and nimble enough to be able to try out new language features, and then back out of them or change them in incompatible ways if need be.

And all the work we do on the compiler is in the open, with the goal of getting the final results into a state where they can be upstreamed.

Also, it’s a great team! Full of serious experts who have collectively contributed a lot to OCaml and PL research over the years, and also a really nice set of people to work with. And I think the team has a good balance of the practical and theoretical: working hard to do the right thing, but also finding practical ideas that can make forward progress in the near term.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for people with a good balance of theoretical and engineering backgrounds, since the work is demanding on both fronts.

We’re happy to hire people at a range of experience levels: people who have just finished a post-doc or PhD, up to experienced academics and people in industry.

The team has a presence in New York and London, and we’re hiring in both offices. No remote work, I’m afraid.