Jbuilder: Inline tests

Ok, no problem, glad that it works now. In the end nothing works better than a good old reboot…

Not sure if this thread is the right location to ask, but how can I add the -verbose flag to ppx_inline_tests with dune?

No. One thing I was thinking is allowing to generate a script in the source tree to run the tests manually, then you could pass any options you want.

I’m not sure if I grok your answer completely. No means, not the right location or no, you can’t add the -verbose flag?
Also the second part is not clear, Allowing to generate a script is that something that dune should improve upon, or something that can be done manually?


It was no you can’t add the -verbose flag. But actually I double checked and you can, this is documented in the manual: https://dune.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tests.html#passing-special-arguments-to-the-test-runner

For the second part, it was a potential improvement.

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