Interesting OCaml exercises from François Pottier available online

The recent URL
contains auto-graded OCaml exercises, in particular a bunch of advanced and fairly interesting exercices written by François Pottier, which I would recommend for anyone knowledgeable in OCaml and curious about algorithms and functional programming. (You have to scroll down to see those, the exercises at the top come from the OCaml MOOC.)

See for example François’ exercises on:

Context: the exercise platform is LearnOCaml, initially written by OCamlPro for the OCaml MOOC and maintaing by Yann Régis-Gianas (@yurug) on behalf of the OCaml Software Foundation. We (at the Foundation) are trying to assemble a corpus of nice OCaml exercises for teachers and people self-studying, and the nice exercises by François Pottier (@fpottier) were written as part of this initiative.


Awesome exercises! Thanks a lot to everyone involved! :slight_smile:

In the “implementing backtracking with continuations”, the link “another exercise” is broken.


The continuation-based representation is more efficient than the sequence-based representation investigated in another exercise.

Thanks! I created an issue to track the problem.

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These are excellent! Thanks very much.

I’ve created a small issue with a small suggestion of an improvement.