I'm preparing a talk about OCaml and Web programming

… for Functional Programming interest group in my town. Partially to advertise OCaml, partially to increase my speaker skill :wink: I’m currently planning to talk about ocsigen and a little bit about Reason language. Do I miss something important that worth mentioning?

Also, If you have any recommendations how to present all of this to ruby-on-rails programmers or untyped schemers, it will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. One of the other talks will be about Elm, so I will probably need to find a comparison somewhere…

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I’d let RoR folk know that abusing memory resources is very uncool. :smirk:

I don’t know that I’d recommend it to the masses, but Incr_dom is at least an interesting approach. We use it for building a variety of production UIs at Jane Street, and people seem pretty happy with it thus far.

It’s most interesting if you’re interested in building performant, incrementally updating UIs that may use lots of data.

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I particularly enjoyed webmachine to write a REST-service. The state tree it uses (inspired by Erlang’s Webmachine and Clojure’s Liberator) makes it easier to make sure to return the proper codes and responses while the type system helps you to write your code correctly in the first place.

Edit: Here’s how such a service might look like.