I cannot install extunix anymore


Anyone else noticed?

Is there a fix or workaround?


I haven’t tried doing this, but I noticed that at the bottom of the issue, there’s something about doing a reinstall of camlp4, which allowed him to proceed? Did this not work for you? Viz.

Ok, after

opam reinstall camlp4
I can install extunix.0.1.6.
Why do I have to do this?!

He appended literally 5min ago, so it wasn’t there when you looked, 30min ago. The miracle of world-wide instant communication!

Yes, the workaround was to reinstall camlp4, then try to install extunix again.
Note that I saw the same thing happening on a Mac.
So, a recent ‘opam uprade’ broke my installed camlp4 in a strange way… :cry:

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Ha! I didn’t notice that “he” in the issue is “you” here.