Free culture OCaml book progress

You may (or may not) remember that I’ve been working on a free culture OCaml book, under “Unreal world OCaml” working title.

Zeroth, it’s now named “OCaml from the ground up”. I hope that title tells what I want the book to be.
“Unreal world OCaml” clearly wasn’t a title it could use forever.
I briefly considered naming it “Elements of OCaml”, but the Bourbaki reference is a bit too obscure and it sounds strange (not that their “Elements of Mathematic” doesn’t sound strange to begin with…).

First, it has a proper home now at
The old URL redirects to it now. It’s hosted on Netlify for better availability. From my quick research, Netlify doesn’t do anything obviously evil, but if I missed something, let me know.

Second, there’s now CI setup, so the live version is going to be in sync with the source.
Examples in “(triple backtick)ocaml” blocks are automatically typechecked (with ocamlc -stop-after typing). These fail the build if they fail to typecheck.
Intentionally invalid examples should be in “(triple backtick)invalid-ocaml” blocks instead—those are run through syntax highlighting but excluded from type checking.

Content-wise, I’ve made some improvements to the Records and References chapter.
I’ll keep posting progress here in the thread if no one objects.


Should be listed in here, I think:

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Thanks a lot!

As a beginner I really appreciate your effort.