Dune-release: version 1.4.0 released

This post is about dune-release, a tool that helps users release their packages to Opam in a fast and organized manner. You can install it via opam install dune-release.

On behalf of the dune-release team at Tarides, I’m happy to announce the new dune-release 1.4.0 release. The release includes two new subcommands described below and a variety of bug fixes and user experience improvements. In particular, we’ve put some work into improving the error handling and reporting.

One of the new subcommands is dune-release config , which inspects and edits dune-release’s global configuration, such as git related, opam related and github related data. For example, if you insert a typo when being asked for your github id during your first release with dune-release, you can correct it comfortably with that new subcommand.

The other new subcommand is dune-release delegate-info, which helps users with an alternative release workflow to integrate dune-release into it: imagine you want to use dune-release only for a couple of things, such as tagging the distribution and creating the distribution tarball and the documentation. In that case, now you can integrate the work done by dune-release into your individual release workflow by accessing the path to the created tarball etc via dune-release delegate-info. It forms part of this broader change in progress.