Dune Developer Experience Feedback Form

Hello everyone! :wave:

The Dune team at Tarides is looking to get inputs from all of you to improve the Dune DX (developer experience), so we’ve opened a small, anonymous, unstructured feedback form to hear your ideas on how Dune could be improved :camel:

We’re looking forward to your ideas! :sparkles:

/ Leandro


I fat fingered and sent it while editing a sentence (gosh I hate touch keyboards!), but hopefully you’ll get the gist of what I meant; I was trying to write that “manually clearing [the dune build cache] was tedious”.

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Hi, is the poll more oriented towards regular developers or do you also include casual programmers (e.g. researchers developing prototypes once in a while), professors teaching OCaml, students learning OCaml?

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All feedback is welcome! :sparkles:

If you’re running dune, then your experience using it can help make dune better. The term Developer Experience normally includes anyone developing software. And while the use-cases of a software engineer, a CS researcher/professor, or a student may differ, there is considerable overlap in the things they do with a tool. In case of dune: initializing projects, building them, formatting code, testing, executing binaries, etc.