DocuLib 1.3.2 and MetaDB 1.0.2 now on OPAM

I’m pleased to announce the release of doculib and metadb, now available on OPAM.

DocuLib is a GUI for document management, particularly for all the textbooks and articles you’ve accumulated but know you’ll never read :thinking:. The idea of DocuLib is to keep track of metadata of files stored across multiple libraries on your file system in such a way that you can move, reorganize, or rename a file without losing your metadata. You can additionally lookup metadata on or DocuLib will also warn about missing and duplicate files. Stored metadata presently includes author, title, year, tags, and DOI/ISBN.

For more screenshots and details: GitHub - nguermond/doculib: A GUI for tagging and managing document metadata for books, textbooks, or articles.

Metadb is the JSON database for manipulating file metadata underlying DocuLib, in hopes that it may be useful somewhere else. Data is stored in the following way:

|- .metadata
   |- ./foo.txt.json
   |- ./blah/bar.pdf.json
   |- ./foobar.pdf.json
|- ./foo.txt
|- ./blah/bar.pdf
|- ./foobar.pdf

For documentation: GitHub - nguermond/metadb: Metadb is a library to locally store and manipulate a JSON database of file metadata