Disable "make all warnings errors"

I have a dune project that is behaving as if I have gcc -Wall -Werr (i.e. turn all warnings into errors).

I want to disable this behavior. The reason is: why I’m writing new code / refactoring code, I do want to be notified of errors (i.e. type mismatch here) but currently, I’m getting spam cluttered by warnings (unused Open, unused let , …).

Is there a way to make all warnings behave like warnings and not errors ?


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Simplest way is adding --profile release when doing dune whatever.

Link to dune docs.

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-warn-error -A, I think
Studying compiler switches usually helps.

Caveat: if you use the release profile, then tests won’t be run.
An alternative, where warnings are non-fatal and tests can be run, is to add the following stanza to your dune-workspace file: (env (dev (flags (:standard -warn-error -A)))).

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That’s interesting…how are you setting up your tests?

E.g., I use inline tests and they definitely run even in profile release (but without warnings as errors). But of course, perhaps that is actually just a quirk of inline tests.

I believe deleted posts vanish after 24 hours. If I post a problem, no one responds, and I resolve it, what is the preferred action ?

It would be valuable to write even a short summary of how you solved the problem. I imagine if you had a question about something, someone else has at some point too.

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I read this there :

(inline_tests <state>), where <state> is either enabled, disabled, or ignored. This field has been available since Dune 1.11. It controls the variable’s value %{inline_tests}, which is read by the inline test framework. The default value is disabled for the release profile and enabled otherwise.

I haven’t checked recently if this has changed (and then the doc must be out of date), but this was still working this way last year.

EDIT: see also this post and subsequent messages that, for some, confirm this issue.

Huh, that’s interesting…could be new behavior I suppose. They do work in release mode now (at least with my setup)…I will take a look at this later and see if the docs are out of date.

If I post a problem, no one responds, and I resolve it, what is the preferred action ?

I would suggest trying the following two techniques:

  • in the case where you found the solution to your question, please put it as an answer. other people might have the same question.
  • most importantly, please try to solve your issue first before posting about it. if you found a solution, you don’t even need to post in the first place.